FarmSaver launches 2 new products

Glyphosate 4 is the familiar 4 pound-per-gallon formulation of the isopropylamine salt with a surfactant system most reminiscent of that found in Roundup Original. Glyphosate 4 is labeled for use over-the-top in Roundup Ready® cropping systems, pre-harvest in wheat and for pre-plant or pre-emergence uses in conventional crops or perennial weeds.

“Glyphosate 4 is compatible with many classes of adjuvants that enhance plant uptake or mitigate drift problems,” a FarmSaver spokesman said. “Glyphosate 4 has been well received for its consistent performance in row and field crops and for its compatibility in tank-mix combinations with residual herbicides.

Thiophanate Methyl 85 WDG (TM 85) is a fungicide from the benzimidazole class, a class of broad-spectrum, systemic fungicides familiar to benomyl and Topsin® M users. The unique granular formulation is more concentrated than the 50 percent to 70 percent wettable powders formerly available in this class of chemistry.

TM 85 comes packed in convenient 5-pound resealable pouches. The WDG formulation features easy handling, quick wetting, dispersal and suspensability and covers over 20 percent more acreage with each pound of product.

TM 85 is labeled for use on pome fruit, beans, cucurbits, onions, stone fruit, soybeans, strawberries and sugar beets in California. New crops that are currently being reviewed for approval on the TM 85 label in California are grapes, pistachios, pears and garlic.

“We are happy to announce to California growers that more crops will be added to our label, said Gerald “Butch” Frazee, CEO of, “so pistachio growers will have a better tool available for shoot blight and garlic producers gain the most cost-effective fungicide for the control of

Penicillium clove rot.”

TM 85 WDG is compatible with sterol inhibitors, strobilurins and Captan and is used in rotation and tank-mixes for resistance management.

Glyphosate 4 comes in 30-gallon drums and in 275-gallon mini-bulks.

Both products will be available shortly through’s network of locally authorized resellers. is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality crop protection chemicals, offering American producers substantial savings through a network of authorized resellers. For more information on, or to locate a dealer near you, visit or call 800-979-8994.

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