FBS products help crops recover from heat stress

FBS is offering growers a more efficient, cost-effective way to help crops counteract the effects of heat stress on crops utilizing CarbonPower technology, FBS' nutrient delivery system, which provides superior nutrient uptake and mobility throughout the plant.

“When temperatures rise sharply, plants can suffer severe side effects,” said John Bradley, director of research and development at FBS based in Collierville, Tenn. “Extended periods of high temperatures can impact a crop's yield, quality and shelf life. It is important to minimize the effects of extreme heat stress quickly so plants have the greatest chance of recovery.”

BounceBack-F and Calron-S provide plants with calcium, which positively impacts the quality and storability of crops and promotes higher yields.

BounceBack-F works by reducing respiration rates, helping plants conserve energy and vital levels of sugars and other carbohydrates. In addition to calcium, it contains anti-oxidants to help minimize oxidative heat stress, while carbohydrates help maintain plant energy, amino acid formation and glycomic formation.

Calron-S is formulated to provide calcium to crops through the soil. Calron-S can be applied to fruiting crops without negative side effects from excess nitrogen. It can be applied to all deciduous, fruit and nut crops through existing irrigation systems.

FBS' revolutionary CarbonPower technology protects calcium from soil tie-ups, makes existing nutrients in the soil more available for root uptake and provides superior uptake and nutrient translocation throughout the plant.

For additional information contact Floratine Biosciences Inc., Collierville, Tenn. 38017 or call 1-901-221-1200

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