California Olive Ranch labels

$35M investment in California Olive Ranch will more than double planted acreage

COR capitalizes on olive oil industry growth with expansion

Bolstered by a $35 million equity fund investment, California Olive Ranch (COR) will soon more than double its planted acreage, delve deeper into organic extra virgin olive oil production, and provide expanded opportunities for growers; all while growing the large company even further.

In the process, COR will create additional harvesting, production and administrative jobs as it expands milling infrastructure throughout California.

Additionally, this financial boost will provide family farms with the resources to plant more olive trees growing their businesses.

“With the support of our investors, this round of funding supports the planting of new acreage for California Olive Ranch, but is also an investment in the future of olive oil,” says President Gregg Kelley.

“This investment will accelerate the future of the American olive oil movement, innovate our sustainable harvesting methods and revolutionize our production technology."


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