Gas Company offers energy saving incentives

Southern California Gas Company (The Gas Company) is making available to its more than $10 million in energy-efficiency rebates and incentives reserved for 2007 – the highest level of funding for such programs in its 140-year history.

“These rebates and incentives are only the beginning,” said Mark Gaines, The Gas Company’s director of customer programs. “Participating businesses save much more money by using less fuel.”

The Gas Company’s funding for rebates and incentives is at a record high because energy efficiency plays a critical role in meeting the state’s energy needs and helping the environment, Gaines added.

The $10 million is available through the following programs. Several of these apply to cotton gins, crop processors and farmers:

$3.3 million in rebates from the Express Efficiency Program, which offers up to $200,000 per customer per year for retrofits on a broad range of qualifying commercial equipment.

$3.4 million in incentives through the Custom Process Improvement and Process Equipment Replacement programs, which offer up to $25,000 per customer, per year, for improving business processes and installing energy-efficient equipment;

$1.2 million in incentives from the Energy-Efficiency Grant Program, which provides up to $300,000 per customer, per year, on qualifying large energy-efficient equipment retrofits and/or process redesigns;

$1.1 million in incentives from the Savings By Design program, which improve energy efficiency for customers that design new facilities, expand existing facilities or change business processes; and

Qualifying business customers can obtain more information about these programs by visiting, calling 1-800-GAS-2000 or contacting their account representatives.

The Gas Company’s energy-efficiency programs for business and residential customers in 2006-2008 have a goal of saving about 58 million therms of natural gas.

The Gas Company is the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility, providing safe and reliable energy to 19.8 million consumers through 5.6 million meters. The company’s service territory encompasses approximately 20,000 square miles in most of central and Southern California.

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