Good folks can be shameless when grandchildren involved

Farm Press editors are for the most part pretty good folks. However, sometimes they can be a shameless bunch; especially those who would use their commentaries for self-promotion. They would stoop so low as to brag about new grandchildren in the sacred printed word. Can you believe it? That must be a violation of their journalistic oath or some oath.

At least one had the unmitigated gall to print in his commentary a photograph of his brand new granddaughter; Rachel Jean Aujero born April 9, 2004 in Fresno, Calif. Weight: 8 pounds; 11 ounces: Height 21 inches with a pound of black hair. I cannot believe someone would waste readers' time with such stuff.

And to top it all off — and in the same commentary — that same Farm Press editor asked his managing editor and good friend to print another picture of his two three-year-old grandsons, Connor Cline, left, and Luke Aujero, right, in their future bull riding outfits. (Right now they are only mutton busters, but watch out PBR and PRCA, Luke and Connor are coming.)

Only thing that I can figure is that as Farm Press editors grow longer of tooth, their self-respect starts to go. No more caustic commentaries, just a bunch of bragging about things no one cares about. Grandchildren are not important. Why don't Farm Press editors understand that?

There is one Farm Press editor who has five grandchildren. Can you image the waste of ink it would be to print photographs of not just three of them, but the other two as well. I know you cannot wait for the next edition.

Please don't e-mail the Western Farm Press circulation department to cancel your subscription. I have already started writing a memo to put a stop to this unashamed behavior.

e-mail: [email protected]

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