California CCA exam sign-up open

California crop advisers have until June 25 to register for the Aug. 6 Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) exam. The exam will be given in Modesto.

The California CCA Program, administered by the American Society of Agronomy and overseen by a California board of directors, is a voluntary certification program for individuals that provide advice to growers on crop management and inputs. CCAs offer growers assurance that they are competent in all aspects of crop production and up to date on the latest in crop management and government mandates.

California also offers a Manure Management specialty certification for current CCAs involved in advising livestock operations on nutrient management.

The role for CCAs is increasing as growers continue to face both regulatory and economic challenges. A CCA is well suited to advise farmers on how to manage inputs, water, and crops in an efficient manner. Over 80 percent of California CCAs are also licensed pest control advisers.

It is expected that future regulatory programs being considered by various regional water boards may require certification of nutrient management plans by professionals such as a CCA. A CCA is one of the professionals that must certify nutrient management plans for dairies that are being mandated by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Board.

For more information, contact the California CCA office at 1143 N. Market Blvd, Suite 7, Sacramento, Calif., 95834 or call (916) 928-1625 for an application. Exam applications are also available by going to The California CCA Program is also on Facebook.

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