California water bond off November ballot

It’s official, and no surprise.

The $11 billion California water bond is off the November ballot.

It was postponed until 2012 by two-thirds majority votes in both the California senate and assembly.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger began pushing for the delay last June and farm groups and other bond measure supporters chimed in to postpone the vote.

They surmised it was no time to ask voters to approve a huge spending package when the state is facing a $19 billion budget deficit, and the governor has proposed furloughing state workers again because of the financial morass.

The debt service on the $11 billion water bond had been projected to be more than $800 million annually.

The opposition to postponement came mostly from those who opposed it in the first place.

The massive bond issue contained a basketful of projects, many called pork. Many are predicting that the proposal will get a major overhaul before it reaches the November 2012 ballot to make it more palatable to voters.

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