Grape Networks adds soil moisture sensors to vineyard monitoring system

Grape Networks announced it will be deploying soil moisture sensors in addition to those used to measure light, temperature and humidity.

The data collected includes the exact location of the sensor modules, and critical vineyard and wine grape information on powdery mildew and degree days in the vineyard. The sensor modules are mobile and are buried next to the wine-producing grapes. The vineyard operations manager can view the data on any Web-enabled cellular phone or PC, and can also set the threshold values for alerts over the Internet or via e-mail or SMS.

The soil moisture sensors are capacitance sensors and are not affected in extreme dry conditions. The sensor modules can accommodate up to three soil moisture sensors at various depths from 6 inches to 14 feet. A complete system of 15 modules and up to 75 sensors costs approximately the same price as two high-end weather stations.

Grape Networks has developed the Climate Genie(TM), which utilizes the Internet, database management software, intelligent machines, low-power radios and very small-size sensors (MEMS). With Grape Networks Climate Genie, vineyards and wine grapes can be monitored on a much finer level than even today's precision agriculture techniques. Grape Networks data from the sensor modules are summarized within the network and sent via WIFI, cellular, or satellite to the Internet to servers for viewing anywhere in the world via a Web browser or Internet-enabled cell phone.

Headquarted in San Ramon, Calif., Grape Networks Inc. is a pioneer in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) service, deployment and infrastructure for vineyards and wine-producing grapes.

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