California Fruit and Nut Review report

Here is the latest California Fruit and Nut Review report from the National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Sacramento, Calif., Field Office:

• November crop comments

The wine and raisin grape harvests in the Central Valley were completed as minor picking continued in table grape vineyards. Warm weather and light winds created good ripening and picking conditions for grapes in Napa County. Weeds were cleared in vineyards and vine stripping began in harvested vineyards to accommodate spraying.

Minor picking of Pink Lady apples continued in the Central Valley. The peach, plum, and nectarine harvests were completed. Pomegranates continued to be picked in the San Joaquin Valley (SJV). The kiwi fruit harvest wound down as the season approached its end. Plantings of strawberries and blueberries were ongoing for next year.

Normal spraying and maintenance continued in fruit orchards, which included fertilizer applications, tree pruning, and pre-emergent spray applications.

The almond harvest was completed at the start of the month as final hulling and stockpile fumigations continued. The walnut, pecan, and pistachio harvests continued and near completion in the Central Valley. Pruning and maintenance of harvested nut orchards continued, including some applications of zinc sulfate to almond orchards.

Valencia orange harvest was completed in November. Navel orange harvest began early in the month. Satsuma and Clementine mandarins and Oro Blanco grapefruit were picked in the SJV. Throughout the month, the Navel orange harvest continued to pick up in the Central Valley and fruit showed good progress and sugar content.

The lemon harvest continued in the desert region. Normal spraying and maintenance continued in citrus orchards which included fall pruning.

• Florida citrus

Temperatures were close to average for the month in all citrus producing counties. Rainfall was less than an inch in most of the monitored stations. Overall, the weather was beneficial to citrus progress.

Harvesting of Fallglo tangerines and Ambersweet oranges was nearly complete for the season. Weekly Navel orange harvesting began to taper off near the end of the month. Shipment of fresh fruit was slow, due in part to small fruit sizes, but was expected to increase slightly with the start of fundraising programs.

Most of the processing plants were open in November. With continued good weather, the processing pace is expected to increase in the next two weeks.

Grove activity included limited herbicide applications and mowing. Grove caretakers also surveyed groves for citrus greening, remove affected trees, and spray trees for Asian citrus psyllid control.

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