California raisin grape production up, table olives lower

California raisin grape production up, table olives lower

NASS pegs California grape-for-raisin production at 2.4 million tons. Largest California raisin crop in five years. California olive crop for canning at 75,000 tons.

2013 California grape production for raisins is expected to reach 2.40 million tons, a 25.5 percent increase from last year, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Meanwhile, the federal agency predicts 2013 California canning olive production will decline 4 percent.

Results from NASS’ objective measurement raisin crop survey conducted in July suggest bunches per vine at a record 47.7, compared to 29.1 last year. 

Bearing acreage is 200,000 acres which means a record high yield is expected. The 2013 crop is shaping up as the largest crop since 2008.

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Weather conditions have led to good crop development several days ahead of normal. 

Mildew pressure has been low, yet mite pressure was significant.

The Raisin Administrative Committee helped fund the raisin survey. About 330 raisin-type variety vineyards were sampled.

On the olive side, NASS predicts the 2013 California canning olive crop at 75,000 tons, down 4 percent from last year’s crop of 78,500 tons. 

Bearing canning olive acreage is estimated at 25,000 acres for a yield of 3.00 tons per acre. 

Weather conditions during the bloom period were generally good.  The crop is 1-2 weeks ahead of normal. Some isolated areas experienced fruit loss.

Nearly 220 olive growers provided survey data.

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