‘Moonscape’ effect not that desirable in vineyards anymore

The California drought situation has led to a number of changes in western agriculture, including the installation of more drip irrigation systems in vineyards and new emphasis on year-round weed control.

Paul Verdegaal, farm advisor in San Joaquin County, talked about new approaches to monitoring and controlling weeds during a presentation at the UCCE Vineyard Pest and Disease Management Seminar in San Luis Obispo, Calif. He followed that with an interview with Western Farm Press.

Verdegaal says growers can no longer make one or two herbicide applications and move on to other tasks. Now they have to monitor the situation year-round to reduce costs and help the environment.

He also discussed some changes in grower perception about how many weeds and what species are too many.

For more on Paul Verdegaal, visit http://bit.ly/2fziS6W.


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