Growers approve five-year continuation of California Wheat Commission

California wheat growers have given their vote of confidence to the California Wheat Commission. In a recent referendum conducted in January and February, 87 percent of the ballots showed a favorable vote towards continuing the California Wheat Commission’s programs for the next five years.

The State Food and Agriculture Code mandates the Wheat Commission to conduct research and market promotional activities and provides for the collection of an assessment set at $.05 per hundred weight, or $1.00 per ton.

Commission Chairman and Stockton wheat grower Michael Scriven stated, “The Commission’s board of directors is very thankful for the support shown by the state’s wheat growers. We take seriously the responsibility of representing the interests of wheat growers at the state, national, and international level.”

As the Commission transitions into the next five years, research into new and improved wheat varieties and resistance against wheat diseases such as Stripe rust will continue to be a priority of the Commission, along with market development efforts in national and international markets. The Commission will continue to work with agencies that implement programs for California growers, to make sure the state is treated fairly, Scriven said.

Growers are encouraged to contact the Commission office, their local Commission representative or visit the office and wheat quality laboratory in Woodland, Calif.

“We need to hear directly from the growers we serve. California’s wheat crop is diverse. This crop covers over 700,000 acres from the Imperial Valley to the intermountain region of Northern California. We have five classes of wheat grown under irrigation and non-irrigation practices. In order to be responsive, the input of growers is essential,” Scriven said.

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