Willowood introduces Pyrac 2EC fungicide with pyraclostrobin

Willowood has introduced Pyrac 2EC, a broad-spectrum fungicide which contains the active ingredient pyraclostrobin.

Pyrac 2EC, approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, can protect 90-plus crops from more than 50 diseases. Willowood says the product’s high-quality formulation gives growers a new choice to control tough disease challenges. 

Pyrac 2EC is the first post-patent formulation of pyraclostrobin available in the U.S.

According to Willowood, Pyrac 2EC can be used postemergence to provide fast-acting plant protection and improve overall plant health. The herbicide can also be applied in-furrow on corn to control soil-borne diseases and improve root vigor.

The product can be tank mixed with liquid fertilizer; always test for compatibility. Read and follow label directions.


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