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EDITOR'S NOTE — Agribusiness companies are embracing World Wide Web technology to establish or update Internet Web sites which provide information pertaining to a firm's products and services. While it would be next to impossible to list all ag-related Web sites, the editors at Farm Press will periodically provide a general description of updates or new sites coming online to give our readers an idea of what might be found at a given location. Examples follow:

  • — John Deere is introducing a new Web site to help farmers and ranchers advertise their used farm equipment on the Web. The site will enable customers to promote their used equipment at a low fee of $22.99 for 60 days. This offer will be open to all customers wishing to advertise any of their used machinery.

  • — Just about everything you ever wanted to know about sulfur fertilization can be found at Honeywell's new and user-friendly Web site. The company's new site features an expanded research section that presents data from land grant universities. There's also a library of informative articles from popular farm magazines, and a series of agronomic bulletins that offer insights from university and Extension personnel. A color photography section gives viewers a comprehensive look at sulfur deficiency symptoms in crops like corn, wheat, soybeans and forages. Viewers can also download a product guide, crop brochures, slide presentations, and material safety data sheets. All research reports, magazine articles, and agronomic bulletins on Honeywell's Web site are searchable by crop.

  • — Gempler's has launched a new Web site focusing on biosecurity and prevention of Foot and Mouth Disease. The site includes strategies to protect farms, ranches and similar operations from the threat of FMD. The Web site covers three basic biosecurity measures that farmers, ranchers and dairy operators should follow to protect their operation from FMD, as well as cryuptosporidiosis, E. coli, and Salmonellosis. Explained in easy-to-follow steps, these biosecurity measures involve isolation, traffic control, and sanitation to reduce exposure to bacteria, viruses and other organisms that could infect animals with FMD and other infectious diseases. The site provides vital facts on FMD and measures to prevent this highly contagious disease from infecting cloven-hoofed animals including cows, sheep, goats, pigs and deer.

  • — Visitors to Syngenta's U.S. crop protection Web site can get up-to-date, detailed information on new Touchdown herbicide with IQ Technology on a new section dedicated to the brand. The EPA has registered new Touchdown for use over-the-top of Roundup Ready corn, RR cotton and RR soybeans and as a burndown application for control of more than 170 weeds in 230 crops. The new Touchdown site features comprehensive information about the new, more efficient glyphosate molecule, diammonium glyphosate (DA) and IQ Technology. IQ Technology is a new, balanced adjuvant delivery system that enhances herbicide penetration into the leaf and translocation throughout the plant. In addition, visitors can find use guidelines, field trial reports from university researchers, media coverage about new Touchdown, and access to the complete label and MSDS. To access the site, go to and click on the Touchdown logo.

  • — Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS), Inc. is pleased to announce that the industry's premier searchable crop protectant database service, Ag Product Label Service (APLS), is now available on the Internet. The new Web-based service, named Web APLS, provides product label summaries tailored to individual search specifications. Users can expect to generate complex search results with most searches completed in only a few seconds. A one-year license to Web APLS is $595.

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