Here are Web sites related to agriculture

EDITOR'S NOTE — Agribusiness companies are embracing World Wide Web technology to establish or update Internet Web sites which provide information pertaining to a firm's products and services. While it would be next to impossible to list all ag-related Websites, the editors at Farm Press will periodically provide a general description of updates or new sites coming online to give our readers an idea of what might be found at a given location.
Examples follow.

  • — The Matthews Co. designed this site to offer useful product information to potential customers and provide service and reference materials important to current customers. For example, the Internet provides the opportunity to offer customers quick and easy access to simple grain drying set-up and operational questions, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

  • — QuickFarm, a South Carolina-based company, created this Web site to enable farmers to bid on and purchase farm inputs such as seed, fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides via a fully integrated online exchange.

  • — Allows farmers to evaluate equipment needs and expenses when making a machinery purchase. The MachineryLink Web site features several tools for helping farmers economically evaluate their machinery needs, allowing them to make the most informative selection.

  • — Has teamed up with nearly every agricultural brand leader to offer farmers the most extensive and powerful agricultural e-commerce site today. It is a true one-stop shop for crop inputs, flexible financing, crop insurance, agricultural consulting services; along with headline ag news, market quotes and weather.

  • — Has introduced local cash grain quotes, an improved local weather package and enhanced exchange coverage including CBOT, KCBOT, and CME. The improvements enhance farmers' ability to access information that directly affects their marketing and planning processes. The Wisconsin-based company has recently teamed with MachineryLink, Inc., in an agreement to greatly expand machinery classified ads for both companies.

  • — Allows agricultural producers to market crops and purchase seed, fertilizer, crop protection products, equipment and other supplies through their local retailer's eBusiness Center. A joint venture of Cargill Inc., Dupont and Cenex Harvest States.

  • — Is a leading information technology enabler for the agricultural industry. The AgZone's mission is to provide the ag industry with business-specific technologies to support farmers, ranchers and their suppliers.

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