High pressure aloft has turned California skies sunny after a week of unsettled weather

Herbicides continued to be applied to small grain fields. Some winter forage fields were being cut for silage. Alfalfa fields continued to grow well and alfalfa weevil spraying had begun. In Tulare and Fresno counties, cotton growers were pre-irrigating in preparation for upcoming planting. Spring sugar beet fields were growing well and were being fertilized, irrigated, cultivated and treated to control weeds. In Fresno County, early planted safflower was growing well.

Fruit crops

Bloom began in apricot, plum, nectarine, peach and pluot orchards. Cherries were near bloom. Field preparations in vineyards for the new season were mostly complete. New blueberry bush planting remained underway in Fresno County. Spring strawberries were growing well. Some established fields were still recovering from previous storms that were detrimental to the crop. Pruning in kiwi orchards in Yuba County was ending. Harvest was made difficult in citrus groves due to excess moisture. Navel oranges, Cara Cara oranges, Melo Gold grapefruit, Chandler pummelos, Minneola tangelos, W. Murcott mandarins and lemons were picked as field conditions allowed. Rind puff and fruit drop were still noted in orange groves due to the continued warmer weather. Olive trees were still being pruned in Tulare County.

Nut crops

Almond bloom in the Sacramento Valley was progressing well. The Sonora variety was reaching its peak and other varieties were close behind. Bloom was more advanced in the central and southern San Joaquin Valley. Peak bloom was reached and petal fall had begun on the earliest blooms in the south valley. Groves benefitted from the improved weather conditions, which were excellent for pollination. Warmer weather also reduced the threat of disease in the Sacramento Valley. Nutritional supplements were applied in some groves. Walnuts were still being sprayed and pruned.

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