DPR grants Minecto Pro insecticide registration to Syngenta

Minecto Pro insecticide registered for use in California and Arizona.

Syngenta says the California Department of Pesticide Regulation has approved state registration for Minecto Pro insecticide to control difficult-to-manage pests including thrips, mites, worms, psyllids, and whiteflies in citrus, tree nuts, vegetables, and other crops.

Minecto Pro is registered by the Arizona Department of Agriculture for use in Arizona.

According to Syngenta, Minecto Pro offers better management of difficult to control sucking insects, including a wide range of lepidopteran pests.  

The company says the new foliar product answers the industry’s need for a broad-spectrum insecticide with long-lasting residual activity in specialty and vegetable crops.

Minecto Pro combines cyantraniliprole, a second generation diamide which offers broad spectrum of control; and abamectin for mite control – all into one convenient premix formulation.

A Syngenta statement says in many markets newer products typically target a narrow pest spectrum. Minecto Pro was formulated to deliver robust rates of each active ingredient which combined can provide good control of a broad range of lepidopteran and sucking insect pests.


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