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Dairy producers purchasing LGM-Dairy must act quickly

The November LGM-Dairy crop insurance sales closing date is Nov. 17, 2017

Dairy producers who opt out the Dairy Margin Protection program are eligible to purchase Livestock Gross Margin-Dairy insurance beginning with the November 2017 sale period, with insurance coverage beginning in January 2018. This will allow producers to transition from MPP-Dairy to LGM-Dairy without a lapse in coverage and will ensure MPP-Dairy and LGM-Dairy coverage do not overlap.

The November LGM-Dairy crop insurance sales closing date is Nov. 17, 2017. Dairy producers interested in enrolling in LGM-Dairy should contact their agent as soon as possible to complete the necessary application process.

Producers may not participate in both MPP-Dairy and LGM-Dairy programs at the same time. FSA and RMA will monitor their respective programs to ensure producers are not participating in both programs simultaneously.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced earlier this year that dairy producers can enroll for 2018 coverage in the Margin Protection Program (MPP-Dairy) starting Sept. 1, 2017, through Dec. 15, 2017. They can also opt-out.

Source: USDA, Crop Growers

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