Storm clouds over Central California

Will drought's storm clouds change to rain this winter for California? Forecasters are starting to think so.

10 must-read drought stories for July 15

Editorial: GOP water bill in Congress should be rejected – The LA Times calls federal legislation aimed at drought relief and food security “a big-government boondoggle” that should be rejected.

Research project in Stanislaus County will see if winter flood irrigation refills aquifersThe University of California Cooperative Extension in Stanislaus County will test a theory of how aquifers are replenished by flood irrigating almonds during the dormant season.

Capitol Journal: Thirsty crops should require state regulation – LA Times columnist now wants Legislature to regulate what farmers can plant, where, and when.

Cal Water hooks up two Visalia neighborhoods – As domestic wells continue to go dry in Tulare County, Calif., local agencies seek to restore flow of water.

Almond prices surge as sales boom collides with drought Demand for California almonds has coupled with drought impacts on supply to push prices ever upward.

Technical report by National Climatic Data Center highlights El Niño winter of 1997-’98 A technical report on the El Niño of 1997-’98 may be good brush-up material as more forecasters are claiming this winter could mirror that season’s record rainfall.

California unveils revised blueprint for Delta tunnels California Gov. Jerry Brown continues to push ahead with project to funnel northern California water past the Delta in what is being termed a “water grab” by southern California.

Forbes AgTech Summit: Silicon Valley tackles California’s drought There has to be better ways to collect water data in America’s most prolific Ag-producing state.

Farmers: No, we’re not using 80 percent of your water In a drought year where surface irrigation allocations remain zero for a second consecutive year, farmers as how they can be blamed for using up California’s water when they have none.

State order limits Shasta Dam releasesCalifornia officials continue to hold back water behind Shasta Dam for winter-run Chinook salmon.

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