Flood irrigation is a common practice among some California farming operations

Flood irrigation has been common among California farming operations. When surface water is available, it can be an effective way to recharge groundwater aquifers.

10 must-read drought stories for July 29

Another San Joaquin Valley water leader resigns: David Orth leaves Kings River Conservation District after 13 years as general manager. Orth is a member of the California Water Commission.

Salt is slowly crippling California’s almond industry: For some California almond farmers salt in their groundwater is killing trees.

Paul Betancourt: My farm, my family and the drought: One Central California farmer shares what the drought is costing him in lost production, repairs to his irrigation system and the taxes to a water district that is unable to deliver irrigation water to his farm.

Scientists: Coachella Valley aquifer decline continues: NASA researchers say Colorado River water can raise water table near recharge basins but find sinking groundwater elsewhere.

California’s big groundwater problem: Report suggests heavy groundwater pumping can drain surface water by pulling it from underneath lakes and streams.

Struggle to save endangered Santa Ana sucker may reach U.S. Supreme Court: It’s not just the Delta smelt and other fish on the radar of environmental groups in California as major metropolitan water districts seek court relief over their water supplies.

Survey shows support for Paso Robles groundwater district: Property owners generally support locally controlled groundwater basin.

Environmental groups blast Delta twin-tunnels plan: Proposed twin-tunnel plan not popular among Delta advocates.

California just fined some farmers $1.5 million for using too much water: Senior water rights holders continue diversions after state allegedly ordered them not to take more water.

Can desalination counter the drought? Could the oceans lapping the shores of the United States become sources of fresh water for coastal residents?

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