Recreation left high and dry in droughtparched California

California lakes left houseboats high and dry this summer as reservoir water levels shrank to historic levels.

10 must-read drought stories for Oct. 14

Mixed messages on whether El Niño will bust California drought or simply be a bust

Central Valley Project falls to 24 percent of capacity ICYMI: We had this story last week on how water storage in the federal Central Valley Project was at 24 percent of capacity, or about half what it should be for this time of year.

El Niño: When will it start raining in California? Predictions surmise that drought-busting rains could flow in earnest by January.

Strong El Niño may help, won’t end California drought Then again others say even the record El Niño won’t be enough to bust the state’s four-year water deficit.

Despite drought, agencies train to fight floods Better to prepare for flooding rains when it’s dry and you need sunscreen than when dams are overtopping and levees are failing.

Senators drill into California water bill Political divides remain painfully apparent as California’s two Senators leave Senate hearing before House bill’s GOP author could speak to his legislation.

Feinstein, Boxer hopeful for compromise to increase state water Four years into California’s epic drought the legislative stalemate continues.

Water management tradeoffs emerging with new irrigation systems Article explores some of the unintended consequences of shifting from flood irrigation to drip and micro systems, not the least of which is groundwater recharge and returned water to the Sacramento River.

California’s farmers left high and dry by drought, environmental regs California farmers claim they should be the next species listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act.

California is building the country’s largest solar desalination plant The battle over salt in irrigation water isn’t just relegated to seawater intrusion; for Fresno County it’s a natural part of the soil that a start-up company seeks to address through solar technology.

Voter poll on the California water fixSurvey says: majority of California voters support underground tunnels to convey water around the Delta.

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