Irrigation water pump
A pump in the San Joaquin Valley provides irrigation water. The state Department of Water Resources has released environmental documents for California WaterFix.

10 must-read drought stories for Sept. 2

What are others saying about California's four-year drought?

When the wells run dry: California drought forcing some families to live in “Third-World-type conditions” Tulare County is a venue of extremes: No other county in the U.S. grossed more from the sale of crops grown there in 2014; yet, 1,252 household wells are dry: the victim of four years of drought and over drafting aquifers.

Fresno State study says drought causes $3.3 billion in farm losses Billions of dollars in farm losses accrue with every inch of rain below normal in California, according to a Fresno State study.

Farmworkers see jobs, earnings shrivel in California droughtFarm laborers see hours cut and competition for jobs rise as California drought languishes.

Hydro power loss another drought casualty Drought dries up green energy production in California.

Newly updated drought tips available for farmers UCANR updates its online drought tips for growers.

Orphaned deer, bear attack highlights California drought’s role in wildlife-human encounters Wildlife seek water where they can find it: typically in urban neighborhoods.

Drought-shamed Los Angeles County cuts supervisors’ car washes The typical “do-as-I-say” politicians in one southern California county challenged for not conserving water as their constituents are forced to conserve.

Despite Fiorina’s claim, Democrats not at fault for California drought While she took heat from the media and even Gov. Jerry Brown, was Fiorina wrong when she said: “you know what’s made (the drought) worse … liberal politicians who stood up for 40 years, as the population of California doubled, and said ‘you cannot build a new reservoir and you cannot build a water conveyance system.”

Company aims to ship fresh water from Alaska to drought-plagued California The idea is there; making it work could prove too costly.

Drip efficiency even more valuable in drought Homeowners just now being encouraged to employ same drip technology in their suburban landscapes that growers have used for decades.

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