Will heavy rains once again flood California

Will California go from one disaster to another this winter as the state faces the likelihood of an unprecedented El Niño event?

10 must-read drought stories for Sept. 30

Is California prepared for what could be a winter of epic rainfall?

“Grassroots cactivism:” using cacti and eco-tourism to combat drought in California Marketing a state that is purposefully being dried up doesn’t sound like a good plan.

Washington State prepares for a second year of drought It’s not just California that’s suffering right now.

Drought conditions return to Colorado, more fire restrictions issuedColorado goes from 2 percent to over 25 percent “abnormally dry” in just one month, based on U.S. Drought Monitor.

Why El Niño won’t save us from drought Some see glass “half-empty” for California with El Niño declaration.

Exports suffer as Sacramento Valley rice crops takes hit in drought Arkansas grabs overseas rice markets from California as state’s rice harvest comes in 30 percent smaller than normal.

Farmers affected by drought eligible for federal aid Mississippi farmers eligible for drought assistance as lack of rain impacts parts of the South.

In East Porterville, drought escalates mental health issues Stress is a key component to mental health impacts in Tulare County community that has become “ground zero” for well failures in the state.

#NPRreads: Lying about Sept. 11 and California’s drought-stricken levees NPR curates articles pointing at the other disaster facing California if El Niño rains come in as predicted.

Chinook salmon health improves after dam water release to drought-stricken Klamath RiverOfficials claim success in draining northern California lake to rescue salmon population.

Historic California drought stressing giant sequoias, scientists say Studies into drought stress may encourage forestry officials to consider efforts to thin the forest in order to help protect it from collapse.



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