Merced River Yosemite National Park

Water has a multitude of uses: it sustains human life, it can grow food for human consumption and it can be used for recreation as it does along the Merced River in Yosemite National Park.

10 must-read drought stories for Sept. 9

What do communities look like when they run out of water?

Here’s what I saw in a California town without running water: East Porterville, Calif. is “ground zero” in what third-world conditions look like in a state that is home to high tech and the aero space industry.

In Terra Bella, half of citrus trees meet bulldozers: Just down the road from East Porterville is an area known for good microclimates and the ability to grow citrus when surface water is available.

Drought affecting Ag, jobs and health: Fresno State researchers point to host of negative impacts from lack of water and rain in California

Normal flows resume in Delta Mendota Canal: Officials allow gravity to work once again along Delta Mendota Canal; no longer are they pumping water uphill.

More oilfield water to irrigate Kern crops: Kern County’s connection between oil and Ag continues.

Joshua trees losing ground: The trees made famous by U2 are dying.

In parched California, a farmer’s market is emerging for power: Utility companies profit from farmers forced to pump groundwater to keep crops alive.

Striped Bass: The Central Valley’s most popular predator: Salmon and smelt populations dwindle while bass populations thrive. Could the bass lobby have anything to do with this?

Fight between tribes and farmers over northern California’s water: Basic questions and answers describe one facet of northern California water.

Watch 2015 and 1997 El Niño’s build, side by side: There’s almost no comparison – ocean temperatures in 2015 are warmer over a much broader area of the Pacific Ocean. What will this mean this winter?


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