Agribiz - Netafim rolls out portable drip irrigation technology

Addressing the diverse operational and environmental needs of today’s modern growers, Netafim has unveiled PolyNet - a high-performance, flexible, lightweight, cost-effective piping solution for above- and below-ground agricultural drip irrigation systems.

Utilizing an advanced, collapsible design, PolyNet is an innovative mainline and sub-mainline piping solution which enables growers to easily install, recoil, and relocate a drip irrigation system for use in an alternate field or a different configuration.

Featuring leakage-free lateral connectors and integrated welded outlets spaced according to customer requirements, PolyNet’s advanced design provides growers with an easy-to-assemble, precise water delivery solution which lowers labor and maintenance costs, increases water savings, and improves crop performance potential through enhanced system performance.

The cost per acre of a PolyNet drip irrigation system is substantially less than a below-ground PVC system. This gives producers more options when deciding on a system that is the right fit for their operation.

Available in different diameters, PolyNet’s thermostatic collapsible irrigation pipe is constructed from rugged premium polyethylene materials designed to be versatile and durable enough to withstand the weight of heavy field machinery, plus difficult environmental conditions. 

PolyNet requires no special installation tools. It is equipped with a connector kit and an array of branching and lateral fittings to make it compatible with any Netafim on-surface or subsurface (SDI) irrigation system.

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