Agribiz - Toro releases web-based AquaFlow drip irrigation software

Toro has announced the latest upgrade to its popular AquaFlow drip irrigation design software - AquaFlow 4.0. To improve user access and convenience, AquaFlow 4.0 can now be used online.

The new program format includes expandable panels which automatically adjust to multiple screen and font sizes, and allow instant visibility of design decision results by scrolling.

For example, pull-down menus allow users to easily create new customers and projects, and easily select program features, including mainline design, custom laterals and pipes, options, common formulas, and help.

In addition, lateral quantity per block, number of laterals per block, submain and mainline irrigation travel time, and submain velocity versus distance are also now reported.

AquaFlow supports Toro’s Aqua-Traxx and Aqua-Traxx PC premium drip tape, Neptune flat emitter drip line, plus BlueLine Classic and BlueLine PC premium drip line laterals.

In addition, multiple pipeline choices include Toro Oval Hose, Toro Layflat, and pvc pipe. As with previous versions, multiple slopes can be entered for laterals and submains and mainlines. Submains and mainlines can be telescoped with multiple pipe sizes.

AquaFlow designs can be saved, exported, and imported. Or, users can print or save to a pdf. In addition, users can select from the English and Spanish languages, and standard or metric units.

To access or download AquaFlow and learn more about drip irrigation, visit

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