Drip-micro irrigation Payback Wizard

The Drip-Micro Payback Wizard is a new tool within the agricultural industry that can be customized to estimate how long it will take to recover expenses related to investing in a drip-micro irrigation system, and how many additional acres could be irrigated with conserved water.

The Drip-Micro Payback Wizard helps growers easily recognize and account for the various cost saving and revenue enhancing strategies that are possible when converting to drip-micro irrigation. A quick online snapshot can be taken by working through the following four easy steps at www.dripmicrowizard.com.

  • Step 1: Potential drip-micro customers enter five pieces of data (crop type, state, number of irrigated acres, current type of irrigation system, and cost of water per acre foot).

  • Step 2: The tool provides a comprehensive analysis of default production costs, revenue and drip-micro investment costs. It immediately provides an estimated payback period and any additional acres that could be farmed with conserved water.

  • Step 3: The potential drip-micro customer has the option to adjust the values and recalculate to better reflect a specific production scenario.

  • Step 4: Includes the option to print the report and lists the sponsors so the customer can contact them directly for additional information.

The tool is a result of the Drip-Micro Common Interest Group's market research that discovered “unknown payback periods” were a key barrier in the adoption of drip-micro irrigation. With the Wizard, potential drip-micro customers will easily gain a better understanding of the various potential benefits when considering the conversion to drip-micro irrigation.

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