Photos: Water export plan primes the protest pump

A plan to export 26,000 acre feet of ground water to an adjacent county has some Merced County farmers upset.

The proposal seeks to pump ground water from two properties in central Merced County and move it via the San Joaquin River and irrigation ditch systems to Del Puerto Water District in Stanislaus County.

The water will be used to irrigate almonds and other permanent crops starved by an earlier decision by state and federal water managers to withhold surface deliveries to agriculture in favor of environmental concerns over fish and salinity in the San Joaquin River Delta region.

Merced County farmer Billy Grissom is concerned the move could harm his ability to pump water to irrigate his crops on adjacent land. The two parcels where water could be pumped are next to his farming operation.

More on Grissom’s opposition to the plan, and details of the proposal can be found in our story online.

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