Pivot irrigation boosted by new technology

Trimble enhances Irrigate-IQ optimal flow solution

Trimble has introduced its Irrigate-IQ optimal flow solution for pivot irrigation systems. The new technology enables growers without a variable frequency drive irrigation pump to focus irrigation efforts onto areas of fields that produce the best return on investment.

Irrigate-IQ optimal flow enables growers who have standard irrigation pump equipment to incorporate no spray areas within their irrigation plan. By utilizing the no spray areas, growers concentrate irrigation efforts in portions of the field that are highest producing, which can lead to maximized yield.

This is especially valuable in regions with water restrictions or limited water resources.

Growers without a variable frequency drive pump are typically unable to use no spray areas in their irrigation plans without risking damage to equipment due to significant pressure changes. As a result, these growers have been unable to optimize water resources across fields to improve crop quality and yield.

With its unique technology, Irrigate-IQ optimal flow utilizes standard pump equipment to keep water pressure regulated across the entire pivot, even when operating in no spray areas.

The system allows the pivot to operate within a defined pressure range, even as the water table reduces throughout the growing season and less water is available, or if a well goes out.

This reduces the risk for equipment damage.

The Irrigate-IQ precision irrigation solution is flexible and scalable, allowing farmers to begin with basic remote monitoring and control of pivots via the Internet, and then easily upgrade to optimal flow or variable rate irrigation (VRI) as their needs evolve.

The solution can be installed on most pivot makes and models regardless of manufacturer or panel type, including basic or smart panels. It also includes reports about where water or fertilizer has been applied.

Irrigate-IQ optimal flow is currently available worldwide.

To learn more about Trimble's Irrigate-IQ solution, visit http://www.trimble.com/Agriculture/irrigate-iq.aspx.

For more information about Trimble Agriculture, visit www.trimble.com/agriculture.

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