It's fun to be a Californian again

California politics are fun again. It’s good once more to be a Californian. We can smile while being gouged for more than $2 per gallon for gasoline — well maybe not smile, but there is less whining.

California’s whiney governor Grayout Davis is gone. We now have the Governator. Arnold makes us happy to be Californians.

He’s the best thing to happen to California since Mickey hung his ears in Anaheim.

Don’t think Californians are happy? Take note of the March 2. Gasoline prices were sky high; television’s talking heads were bad mouthing Arnold’s financial bail-out plan and taxes were still sky high, yet Californians happily skipped to the polls and gave Arnold a check for $15 billion, passing by overwhelming majorities Gov. Schwarzenegger’s debt refinancing package. When he said tear up the politicians’ credit cards and make the California legislature live within its means, Californians handed him their governor scissors.

School bond issues passed all over the state on March 2.

When Californians passed Propositions 57 and 58, Arnold seemed happier than when he won the recall election. He wrapped his considerable arms around California and gave Californians the credit for what he obvious had accomplished. He campaigned just as hard for Proposition 57 and 58 as he did in the recall. It was absolutely breathtaking to hear a politician NOT tell Californians what he had done for the little people. Californians relished in Arnold telling Californians what they had done for themselves

Arnold goes on national television and guarantees President Bush will carry California in November — if he comes across with federal dollars to bolster the California’s economy. With that huge Schwarzenegger smile, the Terminator proclaimed he had become the Collectanator. The message was unmistakable: "Show Me The Money" Mr. President and California is yours. California comes first with California’s new governor.

The political pundits who said Arnold would be little more than a figurehead governor are eating crow. Arnold is a politician’s politician. He is proving to be a master at a game he has never played.

Still there are those who say he is one major snafu from falling from his enormous popularity perch. Those are the same ones who think he would be little more than a figurehead. He has deflected dozens of cheap shots already. The Arnold Juggernaut will not be derailed.

He has taken dead aim at the state’s totally disarrayed workers compensation program. Look for it to be the next proposition on the ballot. Arnold will let Californians fix another bureaucratic morass like Californians should.

Businesses will be returning to California. Farmers and ranchers who have had no choice but to suffer through years of a workers compensation program in total disarray will get some relief. The Governator guarantees it, and Californians believe it.

It’s spring. Arnold is in charge. Time to fire up Woody. Put the surfboard on the roof and head for Malibu or the Mendocino coast. $2 gas? no big deal. Play "California Dreamin" one more time. It’s fun again to be a Californian again.

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