Latest NASS weather, crop report for California

Last week (Nov. 3) was wet over the state of California. Friday was the only dry day over the Golden State. A cold front entered Northern California bringing precipitation north of Modesto to Crescent City, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) in Sacramento, Calif.

The highest rainfall amounts were 1.18 inches in Crescent City to less than .10 inches near Modesto. By Tuesday, rain spread over California from the Oregon border to San Diego. The precipitation totals were less than an inch throughout the state. Daytime high temperatures were in the 60s.

Field crops

NASS said field preparations for small grains were still in progress. Some early plantings of winter grain were germinating. Alfalfa growers were on the eighth cutting of alfalfa hay. Seed alfalfa fields were starting dormancy.

Cotton defoliation and harvest activities continued. Some of the earlier harvested cotton fields continued with stalk plowdown and shredding.

Blackeyed bean harvest was coming to an end. Sudan hay, sorghum, and safflower harvests continued. Rice harvest was nearing completion. Harvest of corn for grain and silage was almost complete.

Fruit crops

Crimson and Thompson Seedless, Calmeria, Christmas Rose, Kyoho, Red Globe, Summer Royal, and Autumn Royal table grapes were being harvested and shipped. A small portion of the raisin crop remained to be boxed, according to NASS.

Wine and juice grape harvests continued. Varieties picked included Alicante Bouchet, Barbera, Carnelian, Carignane, French Colombard, Merlot, Muscat, Ruby Cabernet, and Thompson Seedless. Stone fruit and pomegranate cultural practices such as irrigation and pruning continued.

Early pruning of deciduous trees was gaining pace. Early Foothill, Wonderful, and Flamingo pomegranates were picked. Rain caused splitting on some fruit still on the tree. Angeleno plums and Flavor Fall pluots were harvested.

Quince, kiwifruit, apples, Asian pears, and jujube harvests continued. Picking of Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons was still underway. A few fall strawberry stands were open for business.

Valencia orange harvest was slow. Most remaining fruit was being field harvested directly to juice and headed for the domestic market. Navel oranges were showing better maturity. Fruit color was progressing slowly in some areas. Harvest was slow. Satsuma mandarins were showing high maturity. Chandler pummelos were picked.

The olive harvest continued. Lemons were harvested.

Nut crops

Walnut and pistachio harvests continued. Almond harvest was winding down. Hullers remained busy. Zinc was being applied to some trees to burn off leaves. New almond and pistachio orchards were being planted.

Vegetable crops

Many fall vegetables were being harvested and picked this week. Tulare County picked cucumbers, sweet corn, pumpkin, and tomatoes. In Fresno County, fields were weeded, irrigated, fertilized, and treated for pests and mildew. Harvests continued at a slower pace for garlic, bell peppers, and onions.

Merced County completed its harvest of fresh market tomatoes. Some spinach was being harvested and stale bedding was underway in Kern County.

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