Dear Harry,

I am so pleased you wrote about the Farm Bureau's endorsements in your editorial in the Feb. 16, 2002 issue of Western Farm Press.

I agree with you 100 percent. Both Briggs and Dooley have been tremendous assets to California Agriculture. We need to take our example from the farmers of Southern Illinois who elected Congressman Durbin time and time again to Congress despite the fact it is a Republican District. I can assure you that Senator Durbin has not forgotten his roots!

I often remember the time that I represented the California Avocado Commission in the first meeting between newly-elected Senator Boxer and the leaders of California agriculture in Sacramento. The room was full of tension while we stood and waited for her. Nobody in that room was happy about her election the week before. Boxer (who is not very tall!) walked in the room and there was silence. Before taking her position on the podium, she walked around the room and shook hands with every single person — well over 50 of us. She then began her speech by saying “Agriculture is the most important part of the California economy and California will only be strong if California agriculture is strong.”

She won us over! I also believe she has done an excellent job helping California agriculture as Senator Boxer. (I never thought I would say something like that!)

I thank you for taking the bold step of saying it like it is!
Avi Crane
Laguna Hills, Calif.

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