Anniversary edition

To Harry Cline:

I just caught up on my reading of the Western Farm Press and wanted to let you know I did enjoy the 25th anniversary edition very much. I did enjoy reading of the goings on in 1979. I do remember the times well.

But, the real reason I decided to drop you a note was to tell you how much I enjoyed your article about the Robert Young family. I spent a lot of time with Bob during the 80s while a director of CAWG and being a founding commissioner of the Winegrowers of California.

The vision and beliefs of Bob were as you stated. He felt the industry was just in its infant stages and could do nothing but go up and let the world know of the pleasures one might experience drinking California wines. We both felt total disappointment at the demise of the commission.

I would totally be supportive of the industry if they chose to again attempt a program of generic advertising of their outstanding product.

As an aside, I also enjoyed reading of the success of the “Two-Buck Chuck” program.

Again, I do enjoy reading your publication. Keep up the good work
Ron Khachigian
Tulare, Calif.

‘Shame on you’


Shame on you. After such a nice article about my friend Bob Young you attack Bill Pauli. And you reference an article as your source. Did you know that there was a follow-up article or how about just good reporting and get the facts. Upgrade your resume and get away from agriculture, we do not need the likes of you.
Robert Dempel
Santa Rosa, Calif.

Columns not needed

Dear Mr. Cline:

I don't know why you hate the California Farm Bureau, but that is up to you. Ag has enough problems without you casting dubious comments.

Your comments sometime back about CFBF's roll in the electric rate settlement and now about Bill Pauli have made me feel I don't need to read your column or for that matter the Western Farm Press. Please remove my name from circulation.
Peter Cherbak
Upland, Calif.

(Editor's Note: I am afraid Mr. Cherbak has Western Farm Press confused with another publication that has been critical of CFBF‥ We have made no comments about CFBF's role in any electric rate settlement)

Quite disappointed

I was forwarded your article regarding Bill Pauli and his incident with the inspector. Knowing Bill, I'm not real surprised that he reacted the way he did, and knowing literally hundreds of farmers, I don't think there are many farmers out there that wouldn't have reacted the same or worse if they had been put in that situation.

What I can't understand is why a “farm newspaper” would take this opportunity to trash one of agriculture's most important and influential advocates as well as the Farm Bureau itself. Although the story was fairly interesting, I was quite disappointed in some of the comments you threw in the last few paragraphs. I would expect something like that out of the LA Times, but never a farmer-type publication.

Farm Bureau, like all other organizations, including your newspaper I'm sure, has its share of problems, however, that does not negate the fact that they have done a wonderful job protecting California agriculture.
Nicole M. Rothfleisch
Imperial County (Calif.) Farm Bureau
Voluntary TMDL Compliance Program Director

Can understand Pauli

I am not a big fan of Farm Bureau, but as a farmer dealing with regulations and policing tactics of DPR I can somewhat understand Pauli's reactions. However I am even less a fan of you and this pathetic comment that serves no benefit to agriculture.

You must have some personal vendetta with Pauli or the Farm Bureau for there is no other sensible reason for this commentary. I hope you feel better discrediting what little voice agriculture has with the policies coming out of Sacramento.

Since you are an almighty voice for agriculture, with no skeletons in your closet, we farmers will expect you to attend all legislative hearings about pesticide regulations and be the advocate for agriculture that you pretend to be.
Allen Albaugh

Compete with tabloids?

I write this letter wondering if agriculture news publications are competing with newsstand tabloids for readership and revenues. After reading the Commentary in the April 19th Western Farm Press, I realized your editor, Mr. Cline, is having a difficult time finding material to comment on to provide helpful and informative commentary to your readers.

While I am a Farm Bureau member, I occasionally disagree with their position on issues such as NAFTA and on their ineffective lobbying efforts on the state and local level. That being said, it is unfortunate Mr. Cline can grandstand through his position as editor of your publication to pontificate his personal dislike of California Farm Bureau Federation. He needs to get out of his office more often and see why farmers like Mr. Pauli are irritable with high insurance costs, new fees, new taxes, water rights in jeopardy, encroachment by urbanites and environmentalists, just to name a few of the obstacles we deal with daily.

An objective journalist would print both sides of the story not just an over zealous deputy commissioner's version in a county where even the ag commissioner is seldom seen as an advocate working with agriculture to protect the health and safety of our food supply.

In conclusion, I am eagerly awaiting Mr. Cline's future commentary when a Primedia staff member or employee gets verbally abusive to a police officer after a traffic stop and has their license suspended, that my friend would, to use your own words, further cast dubious light on Mr. Cline's already suspect credibility to be a fair and unbiased journalist.
Ed McLaughlin

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