Biotech bully


Way to go, biotech bully! Keep up the good work in spreading the word about the value of bio-engineered crops.

Four notes:

  1. American Farm Bureau president Bob Stallman came to California to help rally the troops against the anti-GMO efforts, didn't he? (Just had to get a pro-FB word in here)

  2. The Sierra Club is constantly banging the anti-GMO drum. Its July/August issue of Sierra magazine has an article called “Sowing Revolution — Ten days that shook the biotech world.” Nearly every issue has some anti-biotech article. The anti movement is based on deliberate “spins” of misinformation to wide-eyed, uneducated “environmentalists” who just believe the pap fed them by the organizations who not only hate any entity that dares to make a profit, but our country as well. You will notice that, according to Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Forest Guardians and their ilk, the U.S. never does anything right.

  3. You are right about the huge cutback in pesticide use due to Bt cotton. Here in Maricopa County farmers have cut back from as many as 10 or 11 pesticide applications in a bad year to only one with Bt cotton.

The European Commission has authorized 17 strains of biotech corn to be grown commercially. (Greenwire, Sept. 8) The action marks the first time the European Union will allow biotech seeds to be planted and sold within all 25 of its member countries. The Monsanto Corp. will enter the 17 strains in the Common Catalog, with is the European Union seed directory.

Thanks for letting me spout off.
Jeannette Fish
Executive Director
Maricopa County Farm Bureau
Phoenix, Ariz.

Lightning rod

Dear Harry:

There must have been a shift in the tectonic plates in California. Our Governor seems to be getting things accomplished, and you, Mr. Cline, have become a lightning rod for the anti-anti-GMO backlash. Apparently anyone who stands up to those who would forever ban biotechnology is deserving of personal attacks.
Richard Stadden
Tipton, Calif.

Radical Jack

To Harry:

After reading the article in the Aug. 7, 2004 edition of Western Farm Press, I would like to tell Radical Jack that he is probably here today because of science and technology. These young people do not realize that all our lives may have been saved due to the vaccines and antibiotics that came out of laboratories.

New technology and U.S. science has benefited people all over the world. I am sure that Radical Jack has never had to pick worms off tomato plants so he could have a good tomato. Or go out to the sweet com and see all the ears full of com earworms, or his walnuts and apples full of codling moth larvae.

There was an insecticide developed at the end of WWII and used by the Army in concentration camps in Germany and on mosquitoes, carriers of malaria, yellow fever and typhus. For Radical Jack's information the material was DDT. Therefore, science and technology saved millions of lives with just this one insecticide.

I have a question for the Cal EPA. Since they issue labels on all biotech crops and pesticides used in California, how can a county override not only Cal EPA, but also the federal EPA and USDA and stop their usage on privately owned farms and ranches?
Charles Rice
Ag Industry (50 years)
Visalia, Calif.

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