Mainstream writer gets organic

Nice, objective article on organics (Mega dittos to mainstream writer who “gets” organic, Western Farm Press, August 1, 2009). We supply some products for organic production, but we certainly feel this is not healthier, tastier, and any better than conventionally produced food.
John Salmonson
Monterey Ag Resources
Fresno, Calif.

That was a great article (Mega dittos to mainstream writer who “gets” organic, Western Farm Press, August 1, 2009) and I totally agree. We need all the agriculture we can get! We need there to be something for everyone - especially where food and water are concerned.”
Mary Orcutt
Seminis Vegetable Seeds
Arroyo Grande, Calif.

A great article in the Western Farm Press daily update that I receive ( I taught economic botany at Vanguard University of Southern California for many years with a special interest in food crops. I am a botanist who is only partially retired.

A colleague, who is a biochemist, and I have been saying the same thing that you did for years. I too resent having no choice in many of the produce items sold in some stores. Some of the ads run by Whole Foods markets several years ago were particularly infuriating because they contained outright lies.

I too agree that there is a place for organic as well as conventional agriculture, but I resent the elevation of organic products being elevated to a status that is the equivalent of political correctness. Keep up the good work!
Lawrence McHargue
South Pasadena, Calif.

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