MANA acquires Apollo pesticide

Makhteshim-Agan of North America, Inc. (MANA) has acquired from Aventis CropScience the U.S. rights to the active ingredient clofentezine, sold as Apollo Ovicide/Miticide, as part of a worldwide transfer of the product to Makhteshim-Agan Industries Ltd.

Apollo is registered for use in apples, pears, nectarines, peaches, apricots, cherries, almonds and walnuts.

Gary Sullivan, of Modesto, Calif., is MANA western regional sales representative for Apollo.

“Apollo is a well-known and trusted product with an outstanding environmental and worker safety record, and it will complement many of the other crop protection products MANA already provides,” Sullivan said. “There are tremendous opportunities for further development of Apollo.”

Makhteshim-Agan is the world's largest and most geographically diverse generic manufacturer of crop protection products. MANA is headquartered in New York. In the past, MANA has primarily sold technical grade insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to basic manufacturers and formulators.

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