10 ag stories you should read today

10 ag stories you should read today

Manure runs dairy equipment. Biggest wine hoax in history. Farmland real estate crash? Cult of the demon chile peppers. 20 seconds to grain death. Ethanol romance grows cold.

1. Dairy Finds a Way to Let Cows Power Trucks

At one of the largest dairy farms in the country, electricity generated using an endless supply of manure runs the equipment to milk around 30,000 cows three times a day.

2. Biggest wine hoax in history reveals trade secrets

The genie is out of the bottle for the rare wine industry. The Koch-Greenburg case and Rudy Kurniawan's trial of the century are setting up to reveal the moldy secrets of the fine wine trade.

3. Coffee’s Economics, Rewritten by Farmers

IN 2005, Kenneth Lander, moved with his wife, stepdaughter and the youngest three of his seven children to a coffee farm in Costa Rica. “It was like Swiss Family Robinson,” Mr. Lander jokes. “We just left.”

4. Farmland real estate crash a growing concern

The ripples from a crash in farmland prices would not have the long-lasting effects on the economy that the subprime debacle did, but the chance of a crash in farmland prices should still concern policymakers.

5. Growing pain

Among commercial pepper growers, there’s an arms race to see who can breed the hottest Superhot of all, with the crowning achievement being the Guinness World Record.

6. Unmanned Drones May Have Their Greatest Impact on Agriculture
Unmanned drones have emerged as a controversial tool for the military and national security apparatus. But in a few years, they may become ubiquitous over America’s farms.

7. On the trail of the American honey bee

Over thirty per cent of American agriculture is dependent on pollination but once the bloom is over, most beekeepers struggle to find suitably diverse forage for their beloved bees.

8. Fire ant balls can wreak havoc

Fire ant balls can can bring painful stings and, based on some evidence, possibly fish kills. First responders into flooded areas have occasionally been treated for multiple fire ant stings.

9. Grain bin danger — just 20 seconds to entrapment

An adult man can become engulfed by storage bin grain in 20 seconds. In 2010, there were 51 grain bin engulfments in the U.S., and 26 deaths.

10. Days of Promise Fade for Ethanol

Five years ago, rural America was giddy for ethanol. Those days of promise and prosperity may be vanishing.

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