10 agriculture stories you should read today, June 3

10 agriculture stories you should read today, June 3

Fertilizer becomes meth magnet. Honey bees seek out landmines. Aging tsunami for farmers. Wine ingredient labels. Purple tomato. Pecans hide truffle treasures. Got wine grapes? And more.

1. What lies beneath: Pecan orchards hide truffle treasures

Prized by chefs and foodies, pecan grove truffles have long been the secret jewels of pecan orchards.

2. Honey bees a landmine solution?

The idea that honey bees will seek out TNT seems ridiculous; but researcher Nikola Kezic believes he is close to training bees to find landmines. With tens of millions of mines buried around the world, no one is laughing.

3. How a Fertilizer Became a Meth Magnet

Siphoning anhydrous ammonia, another nitrogen fertilizer with a nefarious side gig: it’s a prime ingredient in illicit methamphetamine manufacturing.

4. If Only the Grapes Were the Whole Story

And now, here comes the march of the wine labeling movement.

5. Graying tsunami for US farmers

The "graying tsunami" in rural America means that more farmers are being forced to decide what happens to their farm once they retire.


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6. Farmer creates his own 'bionic' arms from scratch

A Chinese farmer who lost both his hands in a freak accident has built his own pair of prosthetic arms from scratch.

7. Got wine grapes?

Will be there be enough California wine grapes in the future to meet the demand from growing wine consumption?

8. The Purple Tomato

A GM purple tomato that is tastier than normal varieties and can last for more than a month before going off has been invented by scientists.

9. Agricultural Dogs Sniff Out Illegal Produce

California enlists dogs to sniff out plants, produce and seeds sent in defiance of the state's ag quarantine.

10. Wine and saltwater: gimmick or improvement?

It was a risk and an experiment never tried before in the U.S.  Who thought the aging wine in salt water would work?


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