10 farming stories you should read today, May 6

10 farming stories you should read today, May 6

Superweeds, farmer suicides, stealthy genes. Agricultural chess an endless game. Farmland — gold you can eat. Labor on an organic farm – harmony or harm? Kittyhawk for the RoboBee. Retro Farming: Horsepowered Logging. And more.

1. Agricultural Chess: Battle of Farmers Against Weeds: Farmers are playing chess with nature, in an endless game with new pieces added to the board each year.

2. A hard look at GM crops: Superweeds, farmer suicides, stealthy genes.

3. Farmland — gold you can eat: Talk of bubbles or crashes hasn’t put a dent in the farmland market, and if the end is nigh — nobody is blinking.

4. Labor on an organic farm – harmony or harm: Patrons of organic production stress the importance of environmentalism and animal rights. But what about human rights?

5. When One Man’s Game Is Also a Marauding Pest: Feral hogs are ripping a trail across the U.S., responsible for more than $1.5 billion in annual agricultural damage alone.

6. Retro Farming: Horsepowered Logging: Forget diesel — when it comes to logging for 29-year-old Ben Harris, horses are cheape.

7. Kittyhawk for the RoboBee: The tiny winged craft that could be used as a surveillance drone has taken to the air for the first time.

8. GM salmon's global HQ – 1,500m high in the rainforest: What does a secret location in the Panamanian rainforest have to do with GM salmon?

9. Drones Hit New Turf: U.S. Farmland: Oregon State and UC Davis are sending drones into potato fields and vineyards.

10. Honey may hold the sticky solution to bee colony collapse: A honey bee's diet may hold far more importance than previously believed.

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