Agribiz: Compass Minerals releases new Protassium+ fertilizer

Compass Minerals, a leading producer of specialty potash fertilizer in North America, introduces Protassium+, the company’s newly branded sulfate of potash, also known as K2SO4.

Protassium+ is a premium, high-quality source of potassium with sulfate sulfur which provides good superior plant and crop nutrition which top growers demand. 

In addition, Protassium+ is backed by the technical expertise of manufacturer Compass Minerals (formerly known as Great Salt Lake Minerals), which has more than four decades of experience in providing quality plant nutrition products for the market.

Compass Minerals is the only manufacturer of sulfate of potash in North America. The company works to help crop growers maximize yields and quality while improving plant health and value.

Compass Minerals provides essential minerals which address nature's challenges, including salt for winter roadway safety and other consumer, industrial, and agricultural uses, plus specialty plant nutrition minerals which improve crop quality and yield.

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