Agribusiness: Monterey marketing new miticide

Monterey AgResources is marketing a new organic miticide, Biomite. The minimum-risk biochemical miticide fits in well with mite control programs, integrated pest management and sustainable/organic practices, according to Randy Dodds, manager of organic products for Monterey.

“There’s really no organic miticide on the market like this,“ notes Dodds. “Biomite uses a novel mode of action which inhibits the development of resistance. Using Biomite to control mites is a logical choice for both organic production and for resistance management programs in conventional crops.”

Biomite is cost-effective and controls mites such as broad, citrus rust, European red, Pacific, two-spotted and Willamette.

It is registered for use on apples, cucurbits, grapes, hops, nuts, pears, stone fruit, nursery, and ornamental crops. Biomite is most effective under cooler conditions earlier in the season and can be applied as soon as mites are identified on the plants or when conditions favor mite outbreaks.

Additional information on Biomite can be found at

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