Commodity trading transformed by Twitter

Once a convenient outlet for boredom on the tractor, tweeting with fellow farmers has become a way for the participants in a far-flung and isolating business to compare notes on everything from weather conditions to new fertilizers. And now, commodities brokers and traders are paying close attention.

From cnbc:

Passing through Giltner, Neb. early last August, farmer Mike Haley used his Twitter account to post a message, or tweet, about a particularly robust corn crop.

“If I was @zjhunn or @cornfedfarmer I would be smiling, best corn iv seen is their area!”

What may have seemed like a passing compliment turned into a $200,000 profit.

The harvest belonged to brothers Zach and Brandon Hunnicutt—known on Twitter as “zjhunn” and “cornfedfarmer” respectively—fifth-generation south central Nebraska farmers who raise corn, soybeans, and popcorn on their 3,500 acres they share with their father and neighbor.

For more, see: How Twitter Is Transforming Trading in Commodities

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