GM crops, biotechnology vital to Evergreen Revolution

A former Agriculture Department chief scientist argues that biotechnology is crucial to the growth of food productivity and security that is necessary to feed a surging global population

From Scientific American:

Agricultural innovation has long sustained the world's masses with an abundance of low-cost food, thanks to the success of the mid-20th century's Green Revolution.

A prosperous global population however, has blazed the way for burgeoning new mouths to feed that, by 2050, will nearly double food demand. At the same time, farmers face unprecedented challenges of climate change, high oil prices driving demand for biofuels, and rising costs of land and water.

President Obama announced that the U.S. and India would create a partnership to "spark a second, more sustainable 'Evergreen Revolution'"—a sequel to the Green Revolution, an endeavor advanced previously by Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug.

For the complete article, please see: Farming the Future: GM Crops Recommended as Key Part of Obama's "Evergreen Revolution"

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