GMOs and Europe's scientific Dark Ages

Farmers around the world have embraced the promise of biotechnology. They've planted and harvested more than 2.5 billion acres of genetically modified crops. Europe remains strangely isolated from this global phenomenon. Eco-fundamentalists have dominated the debate. With little science to back their claims, they've managed to wield influence.

Farmers across the globe have latched onto biotechnology, keenly aware of the bounty of benefits and opportunity — 2.5 billion acres of genetically modified crops offer ample testimony.

However, Europe remains a solitary holdout; unyielding to the international scientific community. In the European echo chamber, GMO crops remain an anathema, and the EU is steadfastly dismissive of any contrary evidence.

Radical environmentalists and eco-fundamentalists hold sway in Europe's GMO court. Change does not appear to be imminent.

Jim McCarthy, writing in this WSJ article, believes eco-propaganda is driving biotechnology and the brightest researchers off the continent.

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