Syngenta releases new insecticide, part of FarMore Technology

The first seed treatment insecticide for small-seeded vegetables has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use on cucurbits.

It is from Syngenta Seed Care and delivers targeted protection against early-season sucking and chewing insects and will be available as a component of the FarMore Technology platform.

It is registered for use in California and Arizona. The insecticide component of this technology protects against aphids, cucumber beetles, flea beetles, leafminers, whiteflies, wireworms and seedcorn maggots. In addition to insect protection, the FarMore Technology platform also offers broad-spectrum, systemic and post-emergence disease protection against Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia.

“Innovations such as the insecticide component of FarMore Technology are critical to our continued commitment to the small-seeded vegetable market,” said Chad Shelton, crop manager, Syngenta Seed Care. “This extension of the FarMore Technology platform complements the disease protection component which has already proven its effectiveness and value to growers across the country.”

Tom Harris, FarMore Technology marketing specialist, Syngenta Seed Care, said seed treated with this Technology is available through licensed breeder producers and technology providers.

According to Syngenta, FarMore Technology is the first comprehensive and proprietary seed-delivered system that helps maximize vegetable production by enhancing performance and value.

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