Stacked round cotton bales burning in a gin yard

Stacked round cotton bales burning in a gin yard.

Top 10 WFP photo galleries of 2012: Cotton fires, copper theft and hot rods in ag

From cotton gin fires to copper theft to hot rods in ag to the tree nut industry — here are the Top 10 most viewed photo galleries on for 2012.

From cotton gin fires to copper theft to hot rods to the tree nut industry — here are the Top 10 most viewed photo galleries on for 2012.

1. Cotton fire rages as round bales burn in gin yard — photos — Farm Press Staff

It’s no marshmallow roast. These photos were believed taken in a gin yard in Brazil where stacked round cotton bales ignited creating an eerie marshmallow road effect.

2. Photos: Old cotton trailers never die — Harry Cline

Cotton trailers have not been used to haul cotton in years, ever since the invention of cotton module builders. However, they’re still around. Here is a collection of cotton trailers (and one old manure spreader) along Highway 99 north of Fresno, Calif., and Highway 152 from 99 to Los Banos, Calif.

3. Road spikes nail California copper thieves photo gallery — Harry Cline

The frustration with copper thieves in California has reached the point that a young northern San Joaquin Valley farmer took steps to help the law catch his thieves. Cannon Michael of Bowles Farming in Los Banos, Calif., made it difficult for the crooks to elude the law with two of the four tires on their getaway truck shredded by spikes.

4. Opening night at the annual CAPCA Conference — photos — Harry Cline

Opening night at the annual California Association of Pest Control Advisers Conference and Agri-Expo featured a packed house for label updates and exhibitor demonstrations at Disneyland Resort convention center in Anaheim, Calif. More than 1,200 registered for the annual conference of Pest Control Advisers and other agricultural professionals.

5. California almond growers ready for harvest bounty — photo gallery — Dennis Pollock

California almond growers worked hard for another bin-buster crop. Growers worked hard to get ready for the harvest and hoped to sustain prices in the $2 per pound range.

6. 2012 California Alfalfa-Grain Pre-Symposium tour — photo gallery — Cary Blake

The 2012 California Alfalfa and Grains Symposium began with a pre-symposium tour of farms and processing facilities in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The operations included the Lima Ranch dairy, the ACX Pacific Northwest forage and roughage export company, Robinson Farms Feed Company, and M. and T. Staten Ranch.

7. Pomegranate deaths a mystery — photo gallery — Dennis Pollock

California pomegranate growers are frustrated and puzzled over the sustained loss of trees dating back approximately four years. One of the mysteries concerning the dieback is the fact that some trees remain healthy while others die or are crippled, and they may be side-by-side.

8. Paramount Farms pistachio harvest photos — Cary Blake

If pistachios hit the 1 billion-pound milestone between 2018 to 2020, the U.S. commercial pistachio industry would have matured from its first plantings in Chico, Calif., to a 1-billion-pounder crop in a little more than 30 years.

9. Photo collage - 100th anniversary of the Desert Research and Extension Center, El Centro, Calif. — Cary Blake

The University of California Desert Research and Extension Center in October celebrated its 100th anniversary with a party at its headquarters in El Centro, Calif. The century of work includes a plethora of innovations in agricultural research designed to benefit agriculture in the arid, low-desert environment.

10. Rod House's Red ’52 Chevy-Ford beast — photo gallery — Harry Cline

Rod House and his wife live on a small almond orchard in Clovis, Calif., where there’s plenty of room to pursue his passion for cars. Several years ago he found his ’52 Hardtop Deluxe as a stock driver. It was just like his first high school ride. However, after several years he decided to turn it into an unconventional Ford/Chevy rumbling beast that ran an 11:624 at 116 mph in the quarter mile test and tune at Famoso last spring.

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