Top 5 New Dairy Products 2009

Agrivolt Monitoring System


The Agrivolt system is based on a newly developed sensor that has an embedded microchip that enables the sensor to have decision-making capabilities. The sensors work in conjunction with a software package, both of which are fully patented. The sensors monitor every electrical circuit in the barn, detecting any type of electrical fault that occurs in the network. This fault is then compared to a data bank of over 50,000 faults that are stored in the software. These “fault examples” have been mathematically developed using algorithms. The system then displays where the fault is, the cause of the fault and gives the dairy producer instructions on how to resolve the problem.


World Ag Expo booth: DC6709-6710

Calf-Tel Pro & Deluxe

Calf Hutch

Calf-Tel By Hampel Corp.

The new Calf-Tel Pro & Deluxe calf hutch, encompasses a new design that has a one of a kind, fully adjustable rear ventilation and bedding door. The fully adjustable rear door makes the newly designed Calf-Tel hutch the best ventilated calf-hutch on the market. The rear door has six adjustable settings, making it the most versatile hutch available. Designed with ultimate ventilation, the new Calf-Tel Hutch is ideal for warmer climates. Producers will appreciate the ease of access for bedding and observation. Other features of the new hutch include: Interior or exterior feeding options, left or right offset shrouded entry to prevent drafts or a full open front for easier access and increased airflow in warmer climates, extra hutch length provides protection in cold and damp conditions, are lightweight and extremely durable – the longest lasting hutch on the market, standard ridge top ventilation for superior air circulation. All Calf-Tel systems are constructed of high molecular weight polyethylene that will not break down and deteriorate. The new Calf-Tel Pro has the maximum level of UV protection available. The new Calf-Tel Pro & Deluxe calf hutch comes with a 10-year limited warranty.


World Ag Expo booth: DS 108



Smart, Real-time RFID and individual Milk Records for less cost with an accurate, wireless connection between cow ID, flow-through milk sensor and the operator. The operator IDs each cow while attaching the milker via the wristwatch like MilkWatch strapped on his wrist. This reads the PELIT implanted in or strapped to the cow’s rear leg. There are no extra activities or reduction in speed for the operator and any cow alerts will be seen by the operator before the cups are even attached. Thanks to this technology, a smarter milking parlor is suddenly more affordable and more accurate than ever before.


World Ag Expo booth: DT7403


Represented at World Ag Expo

by Connor Marketing

Stop the oxygen and stop the spoilage of silage with Silostop Oxygen Barrier plastics. Silostop is a one-of-a-kind plastic that keeps oxygen out of silage, eliminating surface spoil and dry matter loss. Silage is expensive! Protect your investment and feed it all with Silostop, proven to be twenty times more effective than standard cover and other clear plastics. Silostop comes in two forms: Two-Step, which is a clear plastic (look for the name “Silostop” printed right on it), which is then covered by traditional black/white plastic; and One-Step, which is a black/white plastic with the Silostop technology embedded within it. Both versions can save money, time, dry matter and nutritional value. There is nothing like it - ask for it by name: Silostop.


World Ag Expo booth: DS107



The SmartBolus product is an active rumen bolus which takes temperatures (96/day) as well as motion samples throughout the day. The data are transmitted wirelessly back to the dairy PC computer where reports are generated to show exception conditions, by cow, for health and estrus. Data are collected internally, so you don’t have to worry about sensors getting bumped and knocked off the animal. No manual scanning is involved; it is a fully automated system. Cow temperatures can be monitored effortlessly. The system will monitor the temperatures of cows throughout the day, every day, alerting you when a cow’s temperature is out of the norm. With the SmartBolus system, monitoring your cows becomes as simple as looking at a computer report each morning. Not only can you monitor your fresh cows with ease, now you can monitor your cows in the close-up pen or throughout the lactation, letting the computer alert you only when an exception reading occurs. Internal motion sensors allow the SmartBolus system to provide heat detection reporting. A straightforward report will alert you to those cows whose movement scores indicate they are in heat, allowing you to catch those missed heats and improve your pregnancy rates. The system can monitor the drinking patterns of the cow. This can be an early warning system for rumen health issues. The SmartBolus system can also provide a calving alert. The data transmitted from the cow indicate when she is likely to calve. This information can be very helpful, allowing the dairy to monitor a cow more closely and potentially avoid a lost calf in the case of a difficult birth. The SmartBolus product works seamlessly with DHI-Plus herd management software (including Pocket-PC) or can be run stand-alone. Data are available not only for cows being milked but also for cows in the close-up, hospital etc. The bolus has a four-year battery life.


World Ag Expo booth: DC6239

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