Western Daily Wrap for Jan. 11, 2011

Daily Wrap of westernfarmpress.com articles for Jan. 11, 2011.

A listing of all Western Farm Press articles for Jan. 11, 2011:

Vilsack warns farmers of pending budget cuts

Gene helps crops use less water without biomass loss

Agricultural water use debate heats up with pending report

SURE sign-up period for 2009 losses has opened

'We Believe in Growing' scholarship deadline approaching

Proud to be an Arizonan despite insanity and adversity

International beef market competition growing

Biofuels can ease the impact of hazardous oil prices

Staple food prices edge higher

World Ag Expo offers new safety and advocacy seminars

Dams release excess water as rain fills SJV reservoirs

California Crop Weather: winter forages develop

Arizona Agri-Weekly: alfalfa, veggies, weather

USDA may have given $4B to ineligible borrowers

Organic vegetables don't have extra nutrients, researchers say

USDA webinar: benefits of Market News Portal

Ag groups write White House regarding GM alfalfa

SJV farmers worried by high-speed train plans

USDA issues final rule on farm payment qualifications

Environmental issues bear watching in new Congress

NCGA urges FDA to approve 'corn sugar' for labels

Despite hard times, states still trying to protect farmland

Earth twice as dusty as in 19th century

Crop performance can be estimated through statistical analysis

Fungi genes offer crop protection hope

Movement, threat of RNA viruses widespread in pollinator community

New fungi could curb grasshopper populations

Turning onion waste into clean energy

Honey laundering fraud threatens U.S. food supply

Grapevine canker disease a leading vineyard pest problem

BMSB super pest a huge threat to agriculture

USDA safeguards prove successful in administration of farm programs

SURE program sign-up begins Jan. 10, 2011

Seasonal high tunnels offer farmers extension of growing season

Crop insurance reward proposed by RMA

Farmland values soaring, for now

USDA’s biotech peace treaty effort not sitting well with either side

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