Western Daily Wrap for Jan. 6, 2011

Western Daily Wrap for Jan. 6, 2011

Daily Wrap of westernfarmpress.com articles for Jan. 6, 2011.

A listing of all Western Farm Press articles for Jan. 6, 2011:

USDOT issues proposal to resolve truck dispute with Mexico

Sun powers more than rice at Lundberg Farms

Jan. 13 meetings for California rice growers

Stressed forages need care for successful 2011 crop

Phosphate market to hit 68.7 million metric tons by 2015

Quinoa gaining in popularity across U.S.

Locavore concept violates core economic principles

Major bumble bee decline revealed in U.S. study

Land roller use steadily increasing

Relationship of honey bees and pesticides

Agricultural businesses missing out on substantial tax credit

Carrots' antioxidant value boosted by ultraviolet light

Proper grain storage sanitation practices pay off for producers

Calif. chemist re-elected to chair world’s largest scientific society

Feed industry supports FDA CPGs on salmonella in animal feed

Almond growers and handlers find going green more appealing

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