ZORO® Miticide/Insecticide from Cheminova is approved for use on Almonds, Citrus, Vegetables, Cotton and other Crops

ZORO Miticide/Insecticide is a high-quality, high-value tool for mite control in almonds and walnuts in addition to citrus, vegetables and several other crops. ZORO is a good choice anytime you need effective and economical mite control. And because ZORO contains abamectin, a fermentation product of the naturally occurring soil bacterium, Streptomyces avermitilis, it is an excellent alternative to Agri-Mek®. Using ZORO for mite control means saving money without sacrificing performance.

Plus, ZORO has a unique mode of action that makes it effective against pests that may be resistant to organophosphates or pyrethroids.

In addition, ZORO provides an extended period of control compared to most other products. It is quickly absorbed into the plant tissue, and provides residual activity. Effects on beneficials on the leaf surface is minimal.

For more information about ZORO or other products from Cheminova, visit www.cheminova.us.com or call us at 1.800.548.6113.

ZORO is a registered trademark of Cheminova, Inc. Agri-Mek is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company. Always read and follow label directions.

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